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    Fire, Water & Mold Creates Huge Problems For Homeowners - Mold Testing Arizona

    If you are a homeowner, you know that mold,  fire and water damage are real concerns. Mold, water and fire damage can create a huge burden for homeowners around the world, but preventative measures are usually recommended to ward off the threat from such an instance occurring.

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal - What do I need for it?

    I hear it from homeowners just about everyday, its a very hot topic with our clients here at Envision … “I hate this ugly popcorn ceiling, do you think it contains asbestos?, what are my options if it does contain asbestos? how do I go about having it tested for asbestos?”  My answers are typically the same in every instance and are as follows:

    What is a mold inspection or mold test?

    A mold inspection includes the following:

    • Detailed documentation of the history of the problem
    • Visual inspection of all areas of concern utilizing thermal imaging technology
    • Quantitative air, cavity (wall, floor, ceiling), and surface sampling